Life Changes for Women at 50

Life Changes at 50

Life Changes at 50

The life changes for women at 50 can be surmountable but yet those same changes can also be exciting. There is no doubt that turning 50 has been yet another life change for me. Like every other woman, I have experienced my ups and downs but now the game has officially changed. I thought turning 40 was a life style change, well I was wrong. Turning 50 officially classifies me as a “senior citizen” of society and I am not embracing that thought so much. I am embracing the idea of unbridled wisdom and the lifestyle changes that must be made. The life changes for women at 50 brings: health challenges, relationship clarity, a renewed self-identity, mortality understanding and a lust for life.

The health challenges for women at 50 can become overwhelming. This is a time when you are having multiple test ran as a casual checkup. The results of these tests can challenge the stamina of the average woman. During this time, you may be told that certain hormonal levels are low, vital levels are too high and you are encouraged to make lots of changes in the areas of diet and to increase exercise. These recommendations should not come as a shock but as a proactive strategy to become healthier. When the recommendations are viewed as a proactive strategy of what you should become aware of, the manageability of the necessary changes for a woman at 50 could create a prolonged life.

The health challenges for women at 50 may require various changes to your lifestyle such as:
• Healthier diet
• Increase in exercise
• The necessary use of prescribed medications
• The need to add vitamin supplements
• A consideration of hormonal supplements
• A requirement to get more rest and relaxation
These are only a few suggestions a woman at 50 might incur. If you are able to address these changes proactively, it will place you in the mindset of manageability. When you feel as though these challenges are manageable you are able to continue to live your life actively.

Relationship clarity is a definite life change for women at 50. This is a time in your life when you have a real understanding of various the relationships around you. All of your relationships are inclusive, such as romantic, friendship, family, professional and spiritual. The approach you may have taken in your early 20’s as it relates to relationships will be undeniably different once you reach the age of 50.

The life change for women at 50 has a direct correlation to all of your relationships at this time of your life. You will cherish the relationships that have been a part of your life for several years while eliminating those relationships that are no longer serving you. Friendships may be placed in different categories; the lifetime girlfriend that knows all of your inner most secrets, the great co-worker that you love to chat with and get all of the “gossip” of what is going on in the workplace, your workout friend that also has a “get fit” goal, your shopping buddy that will alert you to all of the great deals, and the spiritual sister that you attend meetings or services with. The woman at 50 clearly understands one person may not fit all aspects of life but you learn to enjoy life all the same.

The romantic relationships for the woman at 50 are a little different as well. If you are single, the life changes for women at 50 are also unlike any of your relationships during your younger years. There seems to be more clarity of needs and desires. It can be a very freeing experience. The self-doubts and the inhibitions (for some) have been eliminated. There is a “new sexy” that a woman at 50 may feel.

A renewed sense of self-identity is usually acquired as a life change for women at 50. This renewed sense of self allows for you as woman at 50 to freely express yourself. The self-expression will usually be followed by a total make over. This may include a new life style change or a new career. There is a feeling of confidence and understanding of self that can’t be denied during this time.

The biggest life change for a woman at 50 is the understanding and belief that life is getting shorter. You feel as though you are closer to your mortality than you were 10 years before. It is a “now or never” type of feeling. If you are not currently living your dream or life purpose, you may feel a renewed sense of making a change to pursue that purpose. All your life you may have been doing “what must be done” and now you feel as “time is running out”. As a woman at 50 the life changes are more meaningful. You now have purpose and a reason to live a better life. Fifty brings an awareness that you may have never experienced before.

This new lust for life at 50 compels you to reconsider what is more important. The life changes at 50 usually will have you reevaluating your current habits and belief systems. The now apparent changes in your body are now also taking place in your mind. What seemed life threating and earth shattering may not be considered as nothing of consequence. You learn “not to sweat the small stuff”. The things that use to keep you up at night are now mere uncontrollable life lessons. You develop such a lust for life that you begin to categorize your challenges into two areas, one that you can control and one you know you cannot. Being a woman at 50 this process comes very easy to you. You begin to focus on what you have deemed as important and everything else must take a back seat.

There you have it! The life changes for women at 50 are yet another milestone of understanding for you to use as wisdom and to begin to educate the women that are following you. These changes can be overwhelming at times. But as time continues and it will, you begin to understand everything is developing and unfolding as it should. You are evolving yet again into a person of wisdom.

During this time of life changes for women at 50, you should be celebrated that you have made it thus far. Life is still not over. There are still uncharted territories in your future if only you will look for them.

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