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My name is Bernetta Johnson and I am on a journey to embrace my next phase of life through self discovery and my willingness to change.

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy my posts, leave comments and remain connected with me. It is my desire to show you if I Can Change, so can you.

I am a woman over 40 ,married, mom of three wonderful young adults and a grandmother. I love life and I look forward to my ‘next phase’ of life . I love to travel, read, journal, meet new interesting people, burn candles and buy shoes.  I am excited about sharing my journey of self discovery and exploring my new phase of life rediscovering me as a mom over 40 and an empty nester.

I have embarked on a journey of self discovery to change my life.

I am no stranger to change. I have been on this journey of discovery for the last several years. When I first begin to look for opportunities to change I tried different careers. My first adventure was to become a Real Estate Agent. I got my license and connected with a great company. I went through the company trainings and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I didn’t want to sell houses. I loved the information I learned about the process of buying and selling homes but I didn’t have that exciting feeling that I needed for me to continue.

Shortly afterwards, I went back for another licensure. Although I didn’t feel the excitement for real estate I knew I still enjoyed helping people.

This I realized through self discovery of what I enjoyed most.

So I became an Insurance Agent. Yes, I am licensed in Health and Life Insurance. This was very interesting. I loved working with the elderly in assisting them in signing up for healthcare. I loved working with HealthSpring and Aflac. But the excitement was short lived there as well. I loved assisting others but it still felt like a job. This I realized I no longer wanted and I knew it was time to move on.

By me constantly reflecting on what I wanted and desired most through my strategy of self discovery, I realized that I wanted to own my own time.

I no longer wanted a job. It was at this time I decided to start a blog. During this time I really begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It fell into my desire to live life on my terms once I retire from my current 9 to 5 that is reaching 29 years. So now here is where you find me, writing about my thoughts on how my life is changing right before my eyes.

I am now looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead of me once I finalize my retirement from a 29yr career. To further assist me on my journey to transition into retirement I knew I had to continue to move outside of my comfort zone. I did the unthinkable thing for me to do and it was to start a YouTube vlog along with my blog. The vlog allows me to record my thoughts when I am away from my laptop. It is also a way to show other women over 40 and empty nesters that you can change with life. Life is meant to be lived and experienced. You can truly create the life of your desires.

Certified Life Coach

While on my journey to change my life and also through self discovery, I have completed a certification program. Yes! I am now a Certified Life Coach!

It is my commitment and desire to help empty nesters and women over 40 to rediscover the dreams and desires they once thought were abandoned. This has been a great learning process for me to rediscover myself now that my children are grown and my husband and I find ourselves to be “empty nesters”. I want to share that enthusiasm with you.

You may wonder like I did, “what is an empty nester?”. Well, it applies to parents especially moms, that find themselves without a sense of direction, a lack of purpose, feeling unwanted, wondering what is next and feeling lonely due to their children becoming young adults. Well, I was that mom. However, I was able to redirect and find purpose in rediscovering “me” while on my journey to change and self discovery of the things I enjoy . It has been and still is a great journey for me to rediscover and define the things I once enjoyed and thought I had lost. I am now living the Next Phase of my life.

Am I complete now that I have achieved the certification? No, of course not!

There are may other things I want to accomplish and learn to do. I am enjoying my process of “self discovery” and you can too.

So stay tune to learn of my other interests. 🙂


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