women talking

Welcome to a community where you can find topics on relationships, marriage, dating and men.

A lot has changed in the space of dating and relationships over the years. It is my desire to add to the discussion.

Here you will find personal experiences, advice, suggestions and just an open discussion on how you can attract or maintain a healthy relationship. Relationships are always evolving with the change of morals and mindsets of our ever changing society.

You will NOT find discrimination of ANY sort here, however, I am a monogamous heterosexual person and my views will result from that space.

Similarly, I am able to understand and grasp other relationship unions while not judging one way or another.

You may find relationships discussions that also cover families, friends and co-workers. Everything here is offered up as my personal opinion. I do not wish to offend, only to add a new perspective to the discussion.  I do not think to know it all, only to add my point of view to this huge topic.

Relationships are powerful. You either have a healthy supportive relationship with those around you or you have an unhealthy dysfunctional partnership. Within the discussions it is my desire to focus on the supportive relationships or how to become more supportive and loving. By no means am I advocating that relationships are perfect. We all know that is totally untrue. But you can rest in the idea that relationships do not have to be perfect. They only have to be perfect for those that are involved because that is all that really matters.

It is my desire that you will have a different perspective on how you relate to others and the various functionalities. It is a given that no two relationships are alike. I will discuss the unlikeliness of any two couples resembling each other.

It is time to respect individuality and work on making our personal partnerships the very best they can be based upon us being the best we can be.

I hope you find the information useful, inspiring or simply a point of view to open your eyes to a new perspective. I would love to interact and look forward to reading your comments.

So, girlfriend can we talk?