H.O.P.E. for Families

H.O.P.E. for Families

H.O.P.E. for Families

We all are in need of a sense of hope. Hope allows families to make it through the tough times and to endure to better days. It is our ability to have hope and encourage others to believe in those better days. Furthermore, everyone should maintain a level of hope in their lives and for grandmothers along with Mothers of adult children it can relate in a different way. H.O.P.E. for families is how Mothers of adult children and grandmothers are able to help our families and communities.

So, as Mothers of adult children and Grandmothers, Helping Other People through Encouragement which translates into H.O.P.E is a great way to serve our families and community.

Yes, we provide H.O.P.E. for families to our extended family members. As a mother living the next phase of my life and a grandmother, I have a lot to share with my children and others. As the ole saying goes, I “have been there and done that” is a phrase I love to use when sharing my experiences with my children. So it is only natural for me along with other Mothers to want to spare our families from the mistakes we have made.

Grandmothers and Mothers with adult children can be a viable resource of information in H.O.P.E. to families and others.

Information in the form of life lessons, learned life skills, general life knowledge and of course another pair of loving arms can be used as H.O.P.E.  This form of resource is really priceless to our community as well as families. It allows for grandmothers and Mothers with adult children to pass along all of their life experiences.

What grandmothers can offer in the form of H.O.P.E. for families as life lessons varies from person to person. Each individual has had their own experience and with that experience comes a life lesson of its own. Lessons in areas of:

  • Motherhood – advice concerning the emotions and responsibility of being a mother
  • Relationships – advice about healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Parenting – advice about the challenges of being a mother and a parent to growing and developing children
  • Womanhood for young ladies – advice about the challenges of growing and developing into a woman

These life lessons will be a collective of how to’s in overcoming challenges and remaining grounded. These lessons can be invaluable to a young mother or young woman. This type of H.O.P.E allows the young mother to understand her present challenges and to embrace the changing aspects of growing into adulthood. Consequently, each challenge is unique to the young mother and H.O.P.E. is there as a guide post of what other mothers have been through before her.

The learned life skills are still another area of resources of H.O.P.E for families a grandmother or Mother to adult children can offer to a family and community. Your learned life skills could be passed down to other generations.  Such as:

  • Cooking – baking, grilling, and meal preparations
  • Sewing – upholstery, tailoring, hemming and mending
  • Arts and Crafts – painting, sculpting, jewelry or candle making, scrap booking, needle point, knitting and the like
  • Gardening – vegetable, plant and herb knowledge
  • Technology – social media, computers, tablets and the like
  • Beauty and fashion- tips and etiquettes from old values

This serves as a list of skills that are passed down through the generations. These learned skills can enhance the quality of life for young family members or anyone interested in learning. These skills can make life easier but could potentially bring monetary value to the person as well.

General life knowledge is a resource of H.O.P.E for families that a grandmother or Mother of adult children can pass down to their families. Knowledge in form of:

  • Family values – cultural beliefs and family heritage
  • Traditions – these can be new or generational practices
  • Business – this is very likely if there is a family business at stake or entrepreneurship
  • Religious – this is prevalent in the cases of strong religious practices within a family or group

The area of general knowledge may cover vast areas of interest dependent upon the societal and economic status of the grandmother or Mother of adult children. These areas of interest can be very useful to a young mother within a family. Passing down this knowledge of family or culture can be inaccessible at times. This invaluable knowledge can’t always be gained by random research via a computer. In most cases, this information will be passed along  in the form of family stories. Only in rare cases are these “stories” written down as a form of heritage.

Lastly, having another pair of loving arms is the best part of being a grandmother. In as much, most grandmothers really enjoy nurturing and spoiling their grandchild. Because for the grandmother, there is nothing better than to have a new baby in the family. The idea of shopping for and catering to a new family member is very exciting to a potential grandmother. It is a grandmother’s wish to nurture and care for her grandbaby and to be of assistance to the family as an extra parent. The H.O.P.E a grandmother can provide with giving another pair of loving arms to her family is a very loving experience. The encouragement that is provided through H.O.P.E. allows the young mother to move past her doubts of maturing into motherhood.

Also, being a grandmother is the crowning glory of Helping Others for the Purpose of Encouragement to our families.

In conclusion, it is the purpose of H.O.P.E. for families to pass on information to young family members or parents for their encouragement of a better life.  Your ability to share your life story can help others in ways you never thought possible. Consequently, it is your ability to pass H.O.P.E along to your extended family members and community can serve as way for you to help out while living the next phase of life.

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