How to add more Happiness to Your Life?

How to add more happiness to your life

Are you looking for ways to add more happiness to your life?

Because everyone is looking for happiness but everyone does not find it.  It is the reason we chase our dreams and look for our passion in life. Some look for happiness in earning more money. Others decide maybe it is time to change careers and that will bring happiness. Yet, still others go through a complete body make over to achieve happiness. This just proves we are all looking to add more happiness to our life in one shape form or fashion.

However, it seems so ironic that the more you look for happiness, the more it eludes you. Some of us will turn our lives completely upside down looking for happiness and somehow we still never seem to find it.
But before you can find, happiness, you must know and understand what it is.

What is happiness?

According to Webster, happiness is a state of being, a pleasurable or satisfying experience. In other words, happiness is fleeting, a state of mind, and a desired experience. It is not something to just have, it is a state of consciousness.


How do you add more happiness to your life? There are a couple of ideas  you should answer for yourself. Consider:

  • What feeling do you experience when you are doing something you love?
  • Describe the state of mind are you experiencing when you complete a goal that you have been working on?
  • What feeling takes over you when you get great news?
  • What state of mind are you in when everything is going your way?

When you answer all of these questions you will notice a common theme. You, your state of mind and how you are feeling seem to be the common themes in your answers.

It is safe to include that happiness is an emotional state that you experience during a time of contentment or joy.

Happiness occurs during a time when you are not “looking for” anything. An emotion that is allowed when you are at peace with your life. It is also evident when you have an expectation of something positive. It is an unconscious decision to “just be” in the moment. “To be” consciously aware of what you are feeling.

You are able to bring more happiness into your life by making a decision to just be in a state of pleasurable elation. It all relates to how you feel. When it comes to how you are feeling, search for emotions of peace, contentment, and positive expectation. It is a time to make a decision to choose. You must choose to be happy to add more happiness in your life.

Yes, it is that simple. It’s simply a decision to be happy.

You think… can’t be that simple. Yes, it can. Because when you think of those questions and you ask someone else, you will get different answers. Although their answers may vary. The common theme will be “what is being felt”. A state of being, a pleasurable experience are emotions that can only be chosen by you. These are two qualities that may not be the same for everyone.

When you completely understand that happiness is a choice you will be able to bring more happiness into your life. It will no longer be a question of how to bring happiness to your life but how much happiness can you have in your life.

It is time for you to stop looking for but allowing and choosing happiness instead.

Make a decision to be happy. Your ability to make a decision to be happy is the ultimate way of bringing more happiness into your life. A decision is a definite purpose to achieve a desired result. Your decision to be happy will overshadow whatever is happening in your life. You will be able to find the pleasure in your everyday activities.

Accept yourself. When you are able to accept who you are, the mistakes you have made and your decisions, you will be allowing happiness in your life. Acceptance allows you to comfort yourself, love yourself and ultimately forgive yourself of the things you may not be so proud of. Your life is just that, your life. You are not perfect. When you understand and love your imperfections, it should add more happiness to your life.

Practice forgiveness. The more you practice forgiveness, the easier it will become for you to move forward. It is the past that keeps you tied to failures and mistakes. This line of thinking will usually bring you disappointment and unhappiness.

The quicker you are able to let go of your past, the more you will be able to add happiness to your life.

Accept people as they are. Your ability to accept others will add more happiness to your life. This allow happiness to develop within you because you aren’t tied to a desired expectation from others. We are not able to control others. However, when we try, it can cause stress, depression and anger. None of those state of beings will allow you to experience happiness so it is best to avoid them at all cost.

Belief of a higher power than yourself. Before you dismiss this idea, consider the possibilities. When you accept a belief in a higher power than yourself, it can give you comfort when life is not going the way you would like at that moment. This belief can give you a “feeling” of purpose. A belief can empower you when you “feel” at your lowest. A belief of a higher power can provide you with a “state of being” of happiness when you can’t make sense of things.

How do you add more happiness to your life; summed up is very simple.

Make a choice to be happy.

This is done by accepting who you are, forgive yourself often, accept others for whom they are and have an understanding you can’t control everything.Yes, this may seem like a tall order but it is possible. Practice daily and you should add more happiness to your life

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