Letting Go of Negative Thoughts


Letting Go of Negative Thoughts

Letting Go to Receive

The possibility of letting go of negative thoughts could greatly enhance your quality of life.

If you are a person that defaults all of your mistakes into negative thoughts, you are due for reform. The mistakes you make usually default into a negative realm of thinking. This normally takes you down a road of a continuous barrage of negative thoughts of should haves, could haves or would haves. This is one process you should change.

The ability of letting go of negative thoughts is a continual process that must be practiced on a daily basis. But the only way to successfully activate this process would require you to become more strategic in your thinking. It is the strategy of changing your thoughts on a moment’s notice until it becomes more of second nature. This is not a one hit process and quit. It will require continuous effort on your part.


Once you understand what letting go of negative thoughts can do for you, it will change your life.

You begin by realizing how your thoughts affect your actions, and how they influence your belief system. It is one thing to say you have faith and that you can do anything but the proof will be in what you are thinking. Your thoughts control and dictate more than your realize. Your thoughts are always playing in your head which is why you must monitor what you allow to flow daily and continuously.

Now for the strategy I spoke of concerning letting go of negative thoughts. It is not a foolproof strategy, but it is one that is working for me. It is simple yet thought provoking. My strategy consist of: monitoring self-talk, stopping the negative barrage of thoughts immediately, replacing the negative words with positive ones, and begin affirming positive and faithful statements.

Monitoring self-talk. This can be addictive. It may seem to be difficult at first but once you get the hang of catching the negative comments you say to yourself it will begin to get easier. You may also think this process will cause paranoia. For me, it did not. It did however, make me realize all the negative comments I make to myself and to others without thinking. When I connected my thoughts to my words that were followed by unexplained circumstances in my life, I knew I had to make a change.

I concluded that you can really talk yourself into a positive or negative reality based upon your thoughts that become words.

That understanding alone inspired me to let go of negative thoughts in my daily conversations and self-talk.

Stopping the barrage of negative thoughts is the next step. You do have the ability to stop the constant negative thoughts that are continuously flowing through your mind. You will not totally eliminate the process of negative thoughts completely but you can disconnect to allow more positive thoughts to take its place. You can do this by saying STOP! Saying the word, STOP! will allow you to redirect your thinking. It interrupts you on a subconscious level and provides you with the redirection that you are looking for mentally.

Replacing the negative words with positive ones is another way of letting go of negative thoughts.

Negative words are low energy words and you want to use high energy words when you are talking about yourself as well as your dreams.

When you consider words such as “can’t, no, fear, doubt, lack, uncertainty, depression etc.” are so different from “can, yes, faith, confidence, happy, abundance, etc.” It is important to pay attention to the level of energy your words exude from you when you use them. When you use more high energy, positive words, your state of mind changes. Your level of belief changes. So it is very important to replace your negative words with positive ones.

Affirm positive statements to yourself regularly, preferably after you have begun to replace your negative words with positive ones. Your ability to state affirmations to yourself at this time changes your state of mind. The personal affirmations will work better for you. When it is personally written it allows your subconscious mind to readily believe what you are saying. You want to recite affirmations like, “I can achieve whatever I want”, “I have all the help I need”, “Someone loves me, therefore I am loved”, “I will learn from my mistakes and restart again, “I am not perfect but I am working on myself daily”, so you get the drift. Affirm statements that resonate with you. Stay away from the statements that you really don’t believe such as “I am a millionaire”, “I am the CEO of a company”, “and I am generating a 6 figure income”. These statements will not empower you positively if they are very far from the truth. The consistency of affirming positive statements will also expand your level of faith in yourself and abilities.


This strategy of letting go of negative thoughts have allowed me to change my level of thinking over time.

It has made me more consciously aware of my self-conversations. The conversations you have within your head affect you more than you realize. These thoughts can either paralyze you in fear or they can propel you into action. Society has trained us to beat ourselves up over mistakes and we have learned this skill all too well. This mental beat up has stopped a lot of dreams from materializing and kept us stuck in unsatisfying situations and circumstances. When you realize that all you have to do to achieve your dreams and desires is for you to let go of negative thoughts, the question is what are you waiting on?


Letting go of negative thoughts will become a daily ritual for you.

The more you practice it, the more your quality of life will change. If negativity holds you back then positivity has to spring you forward. Practice the strategy. Make it apart of you. If you are not living the life you want, check your thoughts. What are you thinking? If you are dissatisfied with your life change your thoughts. If you are happy and content, don’t change anything. Your life is in direct proportion to what you are thinking.


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