Living Positively Everyday

Positively Living Everyday

Positively Living Everyday

The idea of living positively everyday must be a choice.

It is not something that haphazardly occurs.  It is a fact, for every start of a new day, you will have new choices and new challenges.  We are constantly faced with the choice of how we should respond to any given situation. How your day will evolve has not so much to do with what happens but how you respond to what happens. You have a choice to respond and or react positively or negatively. You have a choice of living positively everyday.

The decision of living positively everyday will have such an impact on your life in so many ways.

It will allow you to:

  • become aware of potential opportunities’
  • be more open to new people and possibilities,
  • impact someone else positively,
  • experience miracles in your life,
  • and change your perspective on life.

The changes may be very subtle at first. As time goes on you will notice even more dramatic changes. It is necessary that you make the decision early on. This may not be that easy at first but it is possible. Once you acknowledge this thought to yourself, you are well on your way to living positively everyday.

In the beginning, you will notice the awareness of potential opportunities. Please don’t dismiss this idea. As a matter of fact, disprove it by trying it. Begin your day by deciding on living positively everyday, no matter what may happen. This will cause you to look past the obvious and look for what is unobvious at every moment. You have heard “every cloud has a silver lining”. Well look for the silver lining in every situation. This will by no means be an easy task. However, it is a doable one. You will have to make a conscious effort to get through your entire day. Consequently it will be possible, if you put forth the effort. Oh and by the way, it isn’t suggested that you become naïve about any given situation. It is not suggested that you become the new “polly anna” in the group. It is suggested that you not remain in negative environments or entertain a lot of negative conversations.

New people and possibilities will generally be a part of your new awareness of living positively everyday.

This can occur due to you having a more open and inviting personality. Your new energy of attraction will draw other like-minded individuals to you. Positivity like negativity can be contagious. When you approach your daily activities in a positive manner you can bring out the same in others in a lot of cases. The more positivity you are able to exude. The more potential for new possibilities to come your way. The possibilities for a new career, new job, business ventures, new or renewed relationships are all endless at this point.

One of the best outcomes of living positively everyday is the impact on others. Yes, you will encounter some individuals that want to be unhappy and love dwelling in negativity. There is no need to worry about them. They will steer clear of you. They may not want to have any part of your new “rosy disposition”. If that is the case, let it be so. For those that may need a word of encouragement, any positivity you can bring to their day will be welcomed. You may not be aware of it at that time. However when you able to share a positive word or give a smile, it tends to go much further than you may realize. You never know what you may be preventing from happening in another person’s life simply by you being positive.

The biggest advantage of living positively everyday are the potential possibilities for miracles to happen. They may occur randomly at any given time for no apparent reason. Can you remember the last time you were so aligned with the powers that be that you felt everything was going your way? Well, this is what it can feel like when you make the decision to live positively everyday. Random occurrences will appear to fall into place without direction or warning.

Your ability of living positively everyday  will change your everyday perspective on life. You will begin to make small adjustments in how you perceive people and circumstances around you. When you purposely and intentionally look for the brighter side of life, life appears much brighter. You will have a different energy about you. You will speak differently. You will carry yourself in a different manner. Your mindset begins to shift.

Here is the tricky part to all of this.

The moment you decide on living positively everyday, things will begin to happen.

It will seem as though every chance in the Universe is given for you to respond in the opposite.  This is your test. Your opportunity to respond positively or negatively will be at hand. You will not realize it until after the moment has passed. Whether you are able to remain positive or you slip and allow the negative in, don’t give up. You will get another chance.

Ultimately, your decision to living positively everyday is a great way to start your day and to bring about a change in your life.

Again, don’t believe anything that has been suggested here. Simply take the idea to heart and try it for yourself. Try it for 30 days and see how your life will change.

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