Memorial Day, Service and Family

Memorial Day, Service and Family

Memorial Day, Service and Family



As the Memorial Day celebrations begins,  we are reminded of the sacrifice our servicemen have given in service to country and family.

A vast majority of us have lost family members that were in service to our country. It doesn’t matter in what capacity your family member served, all that matters is the sacrifice that was given to others in the name of freedom and sacrifice in service. It is this idea that makes Memorial Day a remembrance of service and family to so many of us.

Memorial Day has a history of giving our American soldiers a respectful tribute for sacrificing their lives in the name of obtaining freedom. While the attainment of actual freedom maybe questionable to some, the intention behind the tribute remains the same. Our young men and now women gave their lives to our country with honor and dignity. They fought with desire and honor in their hearts to provide our country with freedom. It is this freedom that we now enjoy that enables us to  live our lives in the pursuit of happiness in any way we individually find it.  Our servicemen and now women have put their lives on the line to protect and serve not only their individual families but for their community and country. This supreme sacrifice deserves our recognition and for this, we can not thank them enough. It is through their sacrifice of service and family to our country that makes us a great nation.

memorial day flag setting

Memorial Day, honoring our fallen solders in service to family and country

These commemorative services involve the honoring of our fallen soldiers. The various tributes that are held throughout the States are memorable. They usually evoke emotions from family and friends that may have seemed long past. It is this memorial of remembering the service that allows a community to come together as a family. It is during our remembrance, our country can come together as one to honor those that have lost their lives in the name of our country.

While, our country remembers the service of our military men and now women, their families celebrate with honor and pride. Almost every American family can relate to the memory they have of one of their own leaving to serve. That memory was one of pride, dignity, love and prayer to bring their family member home safe. Not all of the families were fortunate to have their loved ones returned safely. It is this memory that we as a country must remember and honor, which gives a valid reason to celebrate Memorial Day.


Memorial Day is centered not only around our country but the service to country and family.

Family may have been the primary reason so many individuals volunteered their service to the Armed Forces. Regardless of the various reasons for service, the sacrifice is the focus. It is this sacrifice that allows for families to get together in the forms of picnics, potlucks, family games and just plain fun to celebrate and remember those that served.

Memorial day celebration

Memorial day celebration

This is a time where stories are shared from our enlisted servicemen and women. Some of the stories are funny and enjoyable while others are dramatic, horrendous and heart drenching. Our family members served our country in various capacities so the stories will vary. Some stories are so emotional, you feel as though you are right there in the middle of the action. It is this feeling that allows for us to hold on to our family members long after they have passed on.

Remembering our lost loved ones on Memorial Day, Service and Family

Remembering our lost loved ones on Memorial Day in Service to family and country

Memorial Day also serve as a day that families and friends visit the burial site of lost loved ones that have lost their lives during their tour of duty. It is this memorial that makes Memorial Day a way of honoring not only family but community as well. When you visit a national federal burial site expect to be both emotional and sad. You may also have a feeling of pride and dignity to know so many individuals put their lives on the line for you and others.

Memorial Day celebration is an American event for our fallen solder’s service. It continues to honor the events of things that happened in the past and for the sacrifice of our servicemen and women of today for their service to their country and to their family. It allows us to remember the past, the present as well as our future and our part in it.

We salute our servicemen and women Happy Memorial Day for your service to your family, community and country!



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