Life with menopause can be distressing but it doesn’t have to be this way. Life over 40 is the next best phase of your life. It is your life and your time

When you turn 40, for a woman, life changes for you in so many ways; this is what nextphasemom is all about. What I realized is that life after 40 did not have to be distressing. You are not nearly over the hill however; you have just entered the prime of your life.

This is a time when your desires and dreams should become clearer. There is no longer time to waste. Start anew and live your best life starting now, right now, at 40.

What does that mean?

It means various things to different women. It could be time for you to go back to school, write that book, change careers, start a business or start a health regime. Whatever that desire is, the time is now to begin.

Nextphasemom is a personal journey and life ramblings on how one mom went from focusing totally on her family (children and husband) to declaring now is the time to change her life and live.

The sky is the limit and next phase is the best phase of your life. Join nextphasemom on her journey to make this the best life while experiencing all of life challenges of having a life with menopause.